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A&M lightweight aluminium air cylinder has a working pressure of 200 bar.
The test pressure is 300 bar.
The cylinders have been tested in house and independently to destruction and meet all burst test criteria.
Do not overfill our cylinder as it had a safety feature built in. Over filling will result in damaging the cylinder. Only fill to 200 bar.
The cylinder has a lifespan of 10 years.

Standard cylinder weight .395kg
Length 345mm
Diameter 37mm
Volume .15 litre
Carbine cylinder weight .332kg
Length 245mm
Diameter 37mm
Volume .15 litre
All cylinders hold roughly 1/3 more air.
Are approximately half the weight of the original cylinder. Accurate shot counts cannot be given due to variances due to individual rifles e.g. power levels, reg settings.
Free bi-annual service/inspection, to validate lifetime warranty. Replacement accessories available(dust plug, fillers).
Quick Fill & Pressure Gauges
From £85
Cylinder - BSA,Brockock,
Buddy bottles - rapid, BSA, Super10

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